Creating a combination of different techniques – from charcoal, pencil, watercolours or pastels: an acrylic substrate with gradual multi-layered use of charcoal lines.

Nina started painting at the age of 12, through a gradual knowledge of composition, colours and simple still lifes.

Gradually, she began to understand how tones behave side by side, how a line with colour determines the shape, or suddenly blur into an unexpected hue.

I’ve had the honour of being accompanied by truly wonderful mentors; great teachers.

I had the opportunity to study painting and visual arts in the studios of Mag. Natalija Šeruga (1999 – 2010) and Petar Beus (2009 -)

“In Nina Kurnik’s works, the main protagonists are women. In her paintings, women with a gentle feminine touch, relaxed in their nudity, dance in front of the viewer, but do not mislead or seduce external views. Nina’s works are lyrical, intimate works, depictions of life in” In the paintings, one can feel a strong personal confession.

Female figures can be imagined as a transformation The painter carefully selects and combines various techniques, from charcoal, pencil to ink, to create delicate transitions, to acrylic paints, which breathe life into the images. They exist in space and time that belongs to another dimension – a dreamy world. Figures, expressing in contrast to the subtle pointillist drawing the shelter and security of most thoughtful or thoughtful women. Although visual, these are not works to be observed. With the atmosphere and feelings that the painter creates in the drawing, she inspires us to listen to them as well. Whether there is silence or music, a sharp or ringing sound, is, of course, up to us. Nina Kurnik’s works of art could be read as an ode to a gentle, loving, thoughtful and satisfied woman who, as the young painter says, should “inspire hope in the observer by telling him that the whole world and all good is in ourselves.” (A. Zver)


With gentle light and simple strokes, these painted figures try to remind us all of the fact – how simple and big “life” in fact is.


2012 Isabella food and wine; “Funky bird exhibition”
2013 Social Club Ljubljana, “flying people – walking birds”
2015 Centralna postaja Ljubljana, “Odmev”
2015 Francesca, Isabella Food & Wine
2015 Tozd, Francesca, razstava grafik
2016 Agencija Pristop, “Eliminacija imaginarnega”
2016 Figura, Isabella Food and Wine
2018 Silhouette, Isabella Maribor
2018 MIKK MURSKA SOBOTA – Retrospective exhibition of paintings and illustrations
2019 Figura, Isabella Food and Wine Murska sobota
2021 kuriranje, kreativna zasnova s pripovedjo – skupinska razstava “Moj čarobni Maribor”, – Zavod za turizem Maribor, Mestna Občina Maribor