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@feelslovenia Visual Storytelling – ALLOW MY ILLUSTRATIONS TO INSPIRE YOU


/ @feelslovenia Instagram curator, storyteller / creative in the field of digital media of the Slovenian Tourist Board, / illustrator - storyteller Instagram Stories / Live Communication Feelslovenia Instagram in Facebook


I couldn’t be more proud to be the Storyteller of @feelslovenia and each Story on Instagram and Facebook, being my work. Instagram Stories on @feelslovenia contain illustration, photography and video – all the visual mediums I love.

“Unique hand-made writings incorporated into the photos and videos form top-quality visuals, which are up-to-date, interactive, and above all, represent Slovenia in the best possible way. The person behind these contents is Slovenian illustrator and artist Nina Kurnik, who through graphics and handwritten texts takes you on a virtual journey through Slovenia. Colourful graphics, handwritten notes and an innovative combination of different visual media make @feelslovenia stories unique and attractive.” LINK TO THE WHOLE ARTICLE

Since 2018, @feelslovenia stories have reached more than 30 million users worldwide. Each time the contents are linked to, which further increases the communication between the umbrella portal and social networks. During this time, more than 4,000 individual visual elements with hand-made graphics have been created and published within IG Stories, which are collected in more than 500 thematic sets.


2019 First prize for Instagram Stories in the innovation category 2020 Second prize for Instagram as a channel of creative communication in the online category 2021 Second prize of IGTV Feelslovenia, in the category of innovation

The @feelslovenia profile on Instagram is already followed by more than 243,000 followers. From 2019, the stories are also posted on Feelslovenia FB page.

Stories about people, beautiful shots of cities, nature, customs and gastronomy are wrapped in creative visual as well as auditory narratives, which are seen by more than a million users every month and record excellent direct responses, encouraging users to spontaneously visit Slovenia.

Thematic sets of stories are stored in the Highlights section of the profile, and are also related to the IG TV channel @feelslovenia, where longer shots are available.

Feelslovenia Facebook in @feelslovenia Instagram. .”




AERO x Nina Kurnik

It was a great pleasure for me to work with the cult brand AERO (Celje), and make a new image of tempera and supplies illustrations for them.