Illustration and design for the city's foodie scene

client: Tasting Maribor

It has been a big pleasure for me to collaborate with Tasting Maribor team, a team with a clear vision and a strong sense for aesthetics.
I made 50 illustrations, accompanied with hand letterings, all put together in a funky illustrated map of Maribor City Centre. The illustrated city map is availible as a printed version at the hotels all around the city, and exhibited as a digital version in front of  Tasting Maribor – La Cantina Maribor.

Tasting Maribor Vision is to highlight the important role that cafés, bistros, bars and restaurants play in the revitalization of the city center, and their value as unique tourist sites, not only for locals, but also for visitors. Explore Maribor with a local guide, get to know the city’s foodie scene and learn the stories of locals. At the same time, you can admire the medieval architecture, and learn about the history and modern challenges of the Slovenian nation.

Food tours will take visitors through Maribor’s old city center. Themed tours with local guides will explore Maribor’s foodie scene in popular local restaurants and bars, and visitors will get to hear the stories of local people, enjoy the medieval architecture, and talk about the history and modern challenges of the Slovenian nation. We brought together the best the city has to offer: its remarkable wine-making tradition, diverse local and national cuisine, fun and relaxed events in the city, and eco farms from its surroundings. We will give you more than just a food tour, and this is doubtlessly no regular city tour..

Do you know our talented @ninchop ? I know her from her jung age. Now she is really talented and hard working young woman. You know the art hanging in @isabella_foodandwine 🎨🖼 That’s her work. The owner recognised her potential and give her space to occasionally exhibit. We shall hear more great staff in a time to come, of that I’m sure. Well done Nina.

Diana Hajdin, Tasting Maribor