Illustration and design for the city's foodie scene

client: Tasting Maribor

Do you know our talented @ninchop ? I know her from her jung age. Now she is really talented and hard working young woman. You know the art hanging in @isabella_foodandwine 🎨🖼 That’s her work. The owner recognised her potential and give her space to occasionally exhibit. We shall hear more great staff in a time to come, of that I’m sure. Well done Nina.

Diana Hajdin, Tasting Maribor

Art of Storytelling @feelslovenia, w/  Slovenian Tourist Board

I couldn’t be more proud, from April 2018, to be the editor and Storyteller of @feelslovenia and each Story on Instagram and Facebook, being my work.
Instagram Stories on @feelslovenia contain illustration, photography and video – all the visual mediums I love.

Also, what an honour: FIRST STAR AWARD🥇 at international media competition Tourism Film and Mulitmedia Competition “the Golden CityGate” at the ITB Berlin 2019 for an outstanding contribution in the category of Innovation. Telling Stories in a unique, simple and memorable way 💚 Check here:

By publishing Stories about Slovenia, accompanied with a memorable and flowy copywrite and even handwritten and handdrawn coloured details, we are choosing a path of communicating with our target audience in a way which is genuinely easy to remember. A story should stay and be a story. It should gently lead the user through our beautiful country, the views, the feelings, and all the details. Title of entry *: Instagram Stories @feelslovenia Production *: Slovenian Tourist Board Director / Design *: Nina Kurnik Target audience *: Instagram users

We live in an information driven world with a significant “social media” impact. 

“Representing the beauties of our land – so diverse and full of adventures –  trying my best to use each every “social media channel” in its most convenient and trendsetting way. Through comparing and an in-depth analysis of the outputs of our strategy, trends as well as other relevant touristic profiles, the @feelslovenia Instagram is one of the most trendsetting, creatively thought-out channels in the Instagram community of tourism field. After the years, Instagram rapidly strengthened its position as the most visual amongst social media tools.  When communicating a little, boutique and yet unrevealed land in the heart of Europe, as green as it gets and full of adventures to experience – I always have in mind it is so important not to lose yourself amongst many other, yet well – known countries and their touristic profiles. It is essential to stand out with your own, unique approach genuinely. Or even better; a few of them. Nowadays, when all social media channels and especially Instagram are overwhelmed with various visuals of upper and lower quality – I developed a unique way of communication – as unique and diverse as our small country.”